20 Nov 2009

Out and Proud

I've been blogging anonymously for a while and have pumped enough embarrasing anecdotes into the ether to satisfy my sick compulsion for negative attention. So here's where I'll be blogging it up legit, thus achieving yet another platform through which I can tell my friends what to do. This blog will have kisses, because I feel like I know you. Here's one now, look. X.

I started blogging in earnest during the ten heavy, pointless months I lived away from London in a picturesque little seaside town that I despised with an unhinged passion. While away from the city I finally realised how fabulous it is and one of the bestest thing about London is how many versions of it there are. It makes a relevant and useful topic to blog about and I can't be arsed to start again researched things that might be useful so I've imported some of my old postings here.

If you're a twenty something with a small disposible income you will find here a petite selection of amusing ways in which to dispose of it.

In other news, here is a blog about Pigeons that made my eyes explode with joy. http://pigeonblog.wordpress.com/about/
x Ro

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